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, and he will crisscross the state visiting 44 towns in report fashion, the go of the fine state of texas, rick perry, joining us. the debates and you, early going, not a great combination but you are feeling better now. >>guest: yeah, i say let's do a bunch more, i'll come early. >>neil: you made fun of yourself, are you more comfortable. >>guest: i am, look when you make mistakes no one is perfect and we have a great debater in the white house. that is not working real well for us, so i'm a doer, and i have an ad on here in iowa talking about i'm not a talker but a doer talking about a million jobs we created in the state of texas and keeping our taxes low and our regulatory climate fair and predictable and we the 13th largest economy in the world if we were stand alobby entity and the reason i called for. congress has to be up there all the time. no, they don't in our state we work for 140 days every other year, we have a balanced budget amendment and our legislators have real jobs living with the citizens they represent, and --. >>neil: how were more part time could congress be? >>gue
romney, the c.e.o. who expanded in texas but isn't looking to the governor of texas. [ mujahid ] there was a little bit of trepidation, not quite knowing what the next phase was going to be, you know, because you been, you know, this is what you had been doing. you know, working, working, working, working, working, working. and now you're talking about, well you know, i won't be, and i get the chance to spend more time with my wife and my kids. it's my world. that's my world. ♪ >> neil: all right. we are in sioux city, aye iowa, doing shows today, tomorrow, thursday the big day itself. people are weighing in on this contest, the debate featuring the major candidates ahead of the caucuses three weeks from today. can you believe that? the guy that runs ck restaurants, hardees, he surprised a lot of people when he moved a lot of jobs and expansion out of california into texas at the time when i chatted with him, it looked like rick perry was the reason and the guy. turns out, andy, you're actually supporting mitt romney. am i right on that? >> you're absolutely right. i think mi
happens but i hope that doesn't happen, i hope that the governor of texas moves up and faces the current president of the united states. >>neil: what about gingrich? >>guest: i met him a couple of times, i was showing the series on reinventing america, and i was showing that to my prisoners in the jail so i met him a couple of times. >>neil: what do you think is the one big quality sheriff that even the illegal we issue notwithstanding that you want to see in the next president? >>guest: well, i want to see a president that keeps his word. i want to see a president that is tough on crime. and drugs. and immigration. that will take the chance to do things, get it done, not just talk about it. not just being a robot made in japan and all the debates, and be glib. i know the governor has had some problems but he speaks from the heart, so i want a regular guy to get if there and get the job done, like he has been doing as the governor of texas, the second largest state in our country. so, i think after 12 years as governor and keeps getting re-elected, some like him in texas. >>neil: there i
as they are producing it cleanly in north dakota, and other lates, and they are shutting things down in west texas. >>dagen: do you think the president would turn his back on a pipeline? he has less than 60 days, and it would create potentially thousands of jobs. >>guest: i understand. it would. but he put off doing anything until the republicans in congress were pushing his hand on it. but look what the epa did just recently. they are going ahead with the requirements that are going to require coal plants all over the country to be closing down. losing jobs. coal miners out of work. you would think, gosh, that will cost thousands of jobs and he is more concerned keeping the left on his side. i hope he will go ahead and let keystone go through. we need the jobs and energy. that has not always dictated what he has done. >>dagen: congressman, great to see you. be well. you can come over to my house for dinner just for saying i am doing a good job. not a million in ads supporting this democratic senator could keep him in the race. get who he is teeing off on, today? >>dagen: the democratic senator be
congressman from the fine state of texas. congressman, you might have heard the senator say be very careful here because this could slip out-of-control and europe could fall out of debt and our bank could fall out of debt and you have another potential meltdown. >>guest: you do. the vice presidents us to be fried, and the senator is right, we have not discussed this but one of the things that is very clear when you have nations who have been going through socialist policies year after year and for the last frye years we have been following along behind europe, and now we see them about to fall off a cliff and you have geithner and the president wanting to jump off the cliff with them it is not a good idea. the best thing we can do for the europe economy is to cut spending, raise our own downgrade back up to where it should be, an a+ rating and stay here. >>neil: would you be risking, you know, things getting worse in europe, s&p has said it does expect a mild recession in europe and it could last longer than we think because of the debacle, in doubt. should we have any roll in helping out b
for the kind of questions and the issues that he will face, he is prepared to talk about things in texas but the people in iowa and new hampshire they don't care about texas. >>neil: the polls do change every day, with different frontrunners. >>governor huckabee: a poll is a snapshot of that moment in time. it just means that no one has closed the deal. the candidates have not brought an intensity. the win we of the iowa caucus is not the person with the interest but the person whose voters have intensity. so, what you have to look for is not what poll numbers are up, but would has the organization and the intensity and who can say i have committed to riding the bus or a car x number of people on january 3rd. >>neil: governor, thank you very much. >>governor huckabee: a pleasure. >>neil: you can catch the governor's fine show tomorrow at 8:00 p.m. and 52 percent of americans do not think the president citizens another turn and the economy is a very big reason why. so, should he be worried? the pollster says he is not surprised. david, again, to the governor's point how quickly it can ch
of the southwest, colorado and new mexico in toward the texas and colorado panhandle and then kansas as we head into tuesday morning really winding up and heading in towards kansas. then tuesday afternoon, wednesday mainly a rain event for the rest of the country, ohio river valley and the southeast really that shot of winter is going to be across the southwest in toward the southern plains and really a rain event where it's going to be too warm for snow. also neil with this the threat for weather. not only blizzard conditions we could see the threat for isolated tornadoes large hail and damaging winds across portions of dallas and houston. this is a storm that's going to effect a wide range of regions, not just with snow but heavy rain and even severe weather. live from the fox weather extreme center as we head through the evening hours. back to you. >> neil: man o man. new mexico they are bracing for this storm. what you can tell us? good afternoon. we are part of the blizzard warning here. conditions not too bad. the snow is going to pick up and it's going to get worse. the sign behind me te
accounts could have been compromised. scary stuff. >>guest: austin, texas, baseed company provides intelligence for the military and economic and the think tank was hiked. doctors without borders and lockheed martin, and the we los alamos national lash and the united nations all have accounts, and the group caught credit card details and other data, in part, because the company did not bother to encrypt, a major embarrassment, and a subscribers whose credit card information was compromises. >>guest: this is a serious invasion, if a place like this company, which is the super secret community around the world, if they are getting hacked into, you wonder if anything is safe. >> there are many reports that the company's clients had money withdrawn and deposited into charities including the red cross, care, and save the children, and the company says they are working with authorities to track down those responsible for the breach, a process that many believe is easier said than done. >> it is very difficult to trace that because of the way the cyber cat burglars are able to cover their
and it happened after texas and ohio, i was going to have to walk out there and say, this is as far as we can get, further than people thought, but not as far as i wanted. every candidate has to understand running for president or any public office is a brutal blood support paid without pads and i have said if you cannot stand the sight of your blood do not put your sell on the ballot lot and that is why 97 percent of the people in america have never run for anything. 97 percent. there is a good reason. it is a very tough business. >>neil: that is why i had to get out of the race. and something interesting is coming up tomorrow, governor. >>governor huckabee: an extraordinary event, six of the candidates, the only two not there are herman cain and huntsman. >>neil: and he said that long before? >>governor huckabee: he indicated he probably would, but this week he gave a final "no." >>neil: what do you think that means? >>governor huckabee: that tomorrow he will not be in the race, but that is my conjecture. i don't understand huntsman because this format perfect for him. the questions are posed n
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and they need to reapprove it, a two step in texas is good but this congressional two step makes no sense. >> the most important thing financially that has happened to america in the last decade when there was s&p downgrade because of the debt, because of the potential for exceeding the debt employment without congress getting their act together. >>guest: absolutely, and why did that downgrade happen? because of the antics the s&p and financial folks saw happening in washington, dc, where our government came to a halt, where we had a small group, a minority of fanatics claiming they would hold our government hostage. >> then there is no reason for suspect or moody's i do think from a common sense standpoint if this legislation, the debt ceiling has not even gotten you the results you want, why do we have the additional step? >>eric: there is a reason why although we have to go. if they don't have a limit you don't think you didn't pay your respects to kim jong-il? because you did. that is ahead. [ male announcer ] you never know when, but thieves can steal your identity. turning your life
helicopters and texas rangers and the army out there, four years, patrolling that border. who else can make that statement? i can go on and on. about his fight against illegal immigration, he is a great guy and i will see him again next week in iowa and i help he can get his message out. i believe he will. stay tuned. >>neil: but you could support romney who you did last go? >>guest: i was his campaign guy last time and i was bush's in 2000. >>neil: if romney were the nominee right now you would not, not support him, right? >>guest: no, he's a nice guy but i like the governor because he is still the governor. he is doing it. not talking about it. he is doing it. right now. >>neil: you scare me when you yell at me. >>guest: because i'm italian, like you are. >>neil: recommends -- sheriff, merry christmas. >> and a gingrich supporter is worried about big spender. does she get the answer she wanted to hear from the guy she had to warn? get the technology they love, on the network they deserve. and video chat with up to 9 of your friends with the galaxy nexus by samsung, or get the samsung stra
this show of emotion? we will look at this next. urney, i've learned that when you ask someone in texas if they want "big" savings on car insurance, it's a bit like asking if they want a big hat... ...'scuse me... ...or a big steak... ...or big hair... i think we have our answer. geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. >> gingrich overcome with emotion while talking about his mom today in response to a question by frank luntz who will be here in a moment. take a look. >> my emphasis on brain science comes indirectly from dealing with ... the feeling was ... the real problems of real people if my family. so, it is not ... it is my mother. (applause) i do policy easier than first person. >> and pollster frank luntz, what did you make of that moment? it seemed genuine. what was your reaction? >>guest: well, it was unexpected and what happens when you are the victim of seven or eight million worth of negative ads, you tend to get a rawness that could be right under the surface and the speaker showed a real humanity there and you saw the audience appla
paul. the frontrunner right now in the iowa caucus. he joins us right now from texas. congressman, paul, very if do have you. >>guest: good to be with you. >>neil: have you surprised you have been the frontrunner for better part of a week which in recent polling history is inbound, and with a week and a half so go the pressure is on to main attend it. >>guest: well, i guess i'm not we, i'm supposed to say i expected it all along, i am a bit surprised and pleased. i am convinced that the message was popular and necessary but i was thought sure i would be the messenger to deliver so things are going well and the crowds are get are bigger, and i am talking to more than just the young people and the college kids and retired people are coming out and there is a shift in the last in. >>neil: congressman, you probably heard the republican governor of iowa said if you won the state, he was telling people, ignore that, and focus on who came in second. what did you thing of that? >>guest: well, i was surprise the because he has been generous in the past and i don't know whether he didn't mean it
feeling like it is compared to the state senators in wisconsin or indiana or, let's see, texas, also, and i am sure if i thought for a minute i --. >>neil: but this is precedence? >>guest: frankly, it will be a defunct board in about 20 days anyway, they just wanted to make sure they jammed this through so they could be able to intimidate a few more employers and, frankly, be able to take away the ability for employees out there to actually hear both sides of the story. they don't want that. it doesn't sell. >>neil: but in the case of boeing in south carolina and hiring these thousand right-to-work employees, in a right-to-work state, it doesn't work, right? boeing can keep them on the books, keep doing what they are doing so there could be an issue with future hires, but has it not been detoothed already or are you worried? >>guest: well, i'm a little, trying to get some more details from someone i know involved not case but it seems as if what has happened is that the union basically accepted the offer that boeing had on the table before the nlrb even brought the case. what happene
Search Results 0 to 29 of about 30 (some duplicates have been removed)